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Inside, my head is humming

Sometimes I hear them coming

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Birthdate:Jan 6, 1989
Location:United States of America

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'67 chevy impala, :|, adult swim, angels, animals, anything horror, aristocracy, asphyxiation, best kiss award, biohazard, biseinen, biting, blowjobs, british accents, brotherly love, bubbles, caffeine, cain drinks cbale's milkshake, california, cannibals, capslock, cardboard boxes, chris redfield, colors, confessional!sex = 1800bce phonesex, conspiracy theories, cowboy bebop, crazy inbred hicks, criminal psychology, crotchgrabbing, cute things, dean winchester with wings, death note, dementium: the ward, demento, devil may cry, devils, devour, dick in a box, dogtags, don't, drinking, exotic pets, fatal frame, fedoras, final fantasy, fish, fission mailed, flying, forgive-me-father-for-i-have-sinned, gaming, gaspard ulliel, gay! a gay musical, gentry, getting the bad guy, glowcaps, gone, grave-robbing, gryffindor, guns, hannibal lecter, harakiri rock, haunting ground, hell, home movies, horror, hunk, i drink your milkshake, i drop the soap, i hate albert wesker, i loved alone, i need scissors 61, i touch your rosary, i want to believe, i-fucked-you-because-the-pathway-told-me-to, incense, j-music, jay drinks rdj's milkshake, jensen ackles, just as planned, kill bill, kill wesker, lalilulelol, lazarus rising+hannibal rising, leather, metal gear?!!?1ß11, more cowbell, mudkip, music, my husband, my parents are deeaaaaaaad!!!, naked cartwheels, neurotically yours, no homo, node not a nerd, not waving but drowning, personalarmy sockpuppet emofag failtrolls, phoenix wright, pime taradox, playstation, prison wine, protection, proud dusty groupie, psychological thrillers, quantum mechanics, rain, rape o'clock, resident evil, rex/ray, rice, riff, robot time for you, rock, roy/truck, rps of me, satan's alley, sex, silent hill, south park, storms, subtext=buttsex, survival horror, swords, technophile = fagatron 5000, the crying monkey award, the outsiders, the x-files, this is sparta!, tolkien, top!dean, truth is out there, vampires, vodka iv drip, voodoo, why do they explode, wingcest, wings, writing, xxviii, you, you like meeeen, zombies,

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